The In-Step Pass Drill; Inspired by AGFA [Drill-101]

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The In-Step Pass Drill by DFA

Watch and Enjoy!


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Maybe you should sync your YouTube material to Lbry aswell to make some extra crypto? Usually use LBRY instead of Youtube these days

Thanks for the donation. Very well appreciated. Can you send a link to see how LBRY works please.

Hope it can help you a bit on your journey!

Here is the FAQ section of Lbry:

And here can you see a tutorial that talks about what LBRY are and how to use it:

Checking, thank you very much 🙏

If you decide to join LBRY, just let me know so I can follow you there! 😀

We've joined and created a channel with ID @dfacademy lbry://@dfacademy#f2e12cf39dff39a353218bd285707c32cf487319

Looking forward to se you material be sync from youtube over at lbry than :D