Dance contest week 3

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Dear dance lovers

I want to suggest this new dance project on Hive. I run on Steemit the longest dance project which never had a lot of support apart from a few Steemians and they know who they are.

I will carry on with the dance contest on Steemit. This is the latest link,

I like to dance and play music. This is the way I relax and especially in difficult times.

Watching somebody dancing can make you happier.

That's why I'm suggesting this new dance project.

Since Hive blockchain is new, I'm not sure what I'm going to give away as prizes. Maybe you don't care much about prizes if you take part in this dance project because you love dancing.

Prizes can vary.

How to enter:

I want to keep it simple for now.

  1. Share your dance video here as a comment. Feel free to write a description.

  2. You have to post your dance video by Thursday, 09/04/20.

@rmsbodybuilding thank you for taking part in Dance contest week 2. You receive 15,000,000 Dance tokens.

This was my unofficial entry,

Thank you for reading and please feel free to leave a comment!

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My Entry:
The Guitar represents steem and me a hive. The barbel is everything we build on steem like dapps and people. So we will use a quitar(steem) to make us stronger and better. Fuck you Justin Sun @justinsun
Sorry, I wanted to say Thank You!!

Great entry but I'm so sorry for the guitar. You will need a new one. You always came back with some cool (a bit crazy) videos. Thank you for sharing!

thank you- you can always donate for the new guitar.

I need a new guitar too.

I have one, you can pick up from en3

It's very kind of you but you are a bit too far from where I live.
By the way, I was kidding, I don't need a guitar but please don't break more guitars!

I will try not to :-P

added to the shop- a good guitar

@rmsbodybuilding I've tried several times to send you 15,000,000 Dance tokens as a prize but it's not working.

You have received your prize.

@upmewhale Thank you so much!

Dear dance lovers
This is my unofficial entry,