Is it profitable to acquire Sports token in Hive-Engine Market?

in GEMS11 months ago (edited)

Last week, I started buying some Sports tokens from Hive-Engine at a price range of 0.000035 Hive to 0.00005 Hive. Too bad I didn't record how many Sports token I bought for a specific price but I'm sure I bought the majority of it at 0.00005 Hive/Sports from the market.


After curating for a week and also by observing how much curation reward other users earned it seems that I will be able to recoup my initial Hive investment to Sportstalk in about 10-12 months. This is just a rough estimate but I believe it's achievable within that timeframe. If I continuously and accurately scout for good content posted in Sportstalk I could turn my investment to something helpful to the platform as well.

Moreover, I hope the price of Sports token will improve in the foreseeable future so I can recoup my Hive investment through Sports much faster than expected.

Finally, to answer the question; investing in Sports token is probably the one that offers the fastest return by simply curating for contents. That's comparing to how much you can earn for curating the usual Hive posts.

Provided that Sportstalk can remain to buzz and the price stays the same in the coming months then I will definitely be happy on my decision of converting my Hive to Sports tokens.


Note: This is not financial advice and this post only talks about my journey in Hive and Sportstalk.


Last time when I saw, it was mostly actifit posts on sportstalk tribe. Most of them were low quality posts. Hope things are better now. 😀

Couldn't agree more. Comparing the first 3 months of Sportstalk than now there is a big difference. The really good authors I was following back then are not posting recently.

I feel and I hope that things will be better soon.

That's really good to hear. I think I also have a little sports tokens with me. Let me get started with my little curation efforts.