Are Barcelona FC Failing To See The Bigger Picture After Losing Shambolically To Bayern Munich?

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Yesterday's pummeling of Barcelona at the hands of Bayern Munich is actually one of the heaviest scoreline between two big teams in the champions league and it however never came at any suprise that the Catalan giants will lose but the suprise is that they'd actually lose by an 8-2 margin which actually wasn't expected by any football fan and actually Bayern Munich themselves never thought they'd find the context so easy, but then it was business as usual for Bayern Munich after seeing Chelsea off in a convincing margin I didn't feel Barcelona stood any chance and as a football analyst i was actually proven right.

Truth is, Barcelona is a dying team and they've been dying for more than 5 years now. There hasn't been a smooth transition from most of their legendary players to the right or fitting players and their academy which is the La Masia hasn't really produced players like it used to do back in the early 2000s. If you look at teams like Manchester United and Real Madrid you'll noticed that this has basically been the problem too. Barcelona hasn't been able to successfully replace players like Carles Puyol, Andres Iniesta, and even Xavi Hernandez, rather they've been getting decent players like Ousmane Dembélé, Ivan Rakitic, Semedo and many other to fill in these ranks.

The problems is that these players are decent put nothing spectacular or great. Barcelona may have probably right but then the timing of these transfers of the players I mentioned may have probably been wrong. Truth is one of the biggest mistakes of Barcelona was actually selling Cesc Fabregas. He was the midfield maestro they needed to fill Xavi Hernandez's boots but then they didn't slowly integrate him like they should and this has actually proven to be a terrible mistake in the long run. It takes a lot of times to replace great players and sometimes a factor like luck does comes in play and if you look at Bayern Munich I'll say they've been lucky at doing this.

When you take a look at Real Madrid you'll see that they've been struggling to replace Cristiano Ronaldo and they've failed miserably at doing this. Eden Hazard which could have been that Trojan horse, that phenom they needed has so far turned out to be below par and even if they've gotten decent players in Vinius Jr, they're no more that feared team across Europe and this is just about the same thing that Barcelona is currently experiencing. Truth is, the board at Barcelona hasn't built they way they should, it's obvious all the whole burden seems to have fallen on Lionel Messi but then he's 33 and he can no longer play the way he can 5 years ago and if you look deeply you'll see that Barcelona aren't even preparing any replacement in mind for him.

The best signing Barcelona actually did in my opinion in the last 7 years was actually signing Luis Suarez and while they've failed to bring out the best in players like Phillipe Coutinho, the Brazilian himself has gone to Bayern Munich and done relatively well for himself, do then it begs the question; what's wrong with Barcelona? It's simple they're having a board without long-term goals and they've been employing managers who can't play players in their best position or bring out the best in players. It takes a huge deal to scout players with potentials another thing is to use them well. Another thing is that the Barcelona youth system has failed tremendously and this has reflected so much on the transition. Barcelona might pummel even further should Lionel Messi decides to leave the club this season or next. I don't see him playing till he's 35.

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The problem with Barcelona is that they failed to learn how to adapt to changes. They are in a rush to get result without even passing through the process.

Coutinho is a great player, Neymar same.
My question is why did they sell coutinho?

Why is there no replacement fro busquets?

They messed up yesterday

Hello man, I'm sorry I didn't notice this comment.

Actually you're right, they've been impatient and so far all they could do is sacking managers rather than growing at a slower pace and accepting they're no more the Barcelona they use to be. They've totally messed up like you said.