Cleaning up the Local Skatepark - A Cleanplanet Vlog

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Hello guys, what's up?

The trash situation at #Ioannina #skatepark was unacceptable so we had to take action.
Me and the homies cleaned almost everything and now it is a much more awesome place to skate and relax!
I personally filled more than 4 bags full of trash and 2 of my homies filled one big black trash bag each.

The municipality of Ioannina is doing nothing to help with the litter problem we are facing at the skatepark so the only solution is for each one of us to be responsible for his/her own litter.

Please don't throw you trash on the ground.
Keep the park clean.

Thank you all for watching and supporting me my friends, means a lot.
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Ace work man! Must be warm work out there too.
Looks very hot compared to drizzly England!!

Deffo need gloves on here, everything is soggy.

Hope you get back to skating soon man

Oh, I'll be back really soon bro! I wasn't planning on cleaning but I couldn't ignore all this trash either so I took the risk bro!
Gloves are a must indeed.

Thanks a lot for your great work cleaning up all that trash in the skatepark @knowhow92, well done, it's awesome.

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Thank you @thisisawesome.
It feels so much better skating a clean skatepark!

Thanks @knowhow92, and that is a great point, stay awesome.

Everyone can play a part in keeping the environment clean. Last year, I was in the environmental club in my school. I did bring students out to pick up litters around our neighbourhood. 😁

Sounds cool that your school has an envinromental club! Kids must learn to respect nature and their surroundings from a young age.
I bet kids felt good after cleaning up their neighborhoods!

Great action. It's sick to see how much trash is lying in that place. Respect and thanks a lot for cleaning up the skate park!

Thank you so much @louis88! It felt really good!
I can't help to wonder how do people throw their trash on the ground. I feel bad even thinking about doing something like this!

Super clean-up action @knowhow92 my friend !
So far away from France but the same spirit !
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