What does Skateboarding mean to me ?

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Hello everyone!

Melon Grab transfer

I started skating 15 years ago and now I am 28 so you can safely say that I skate more than half of my already spent years on this planet. I started skateboarding in Summer camp. An older kid I was friends with had this "Element" board and he was looking so cool riding it. My parents were gonna spend their summer holidays in a village near the Summer camp so I asked them if they could buy me a skateboard and lucky me they did. I will never forget the day my parents gave me my first board. I was so happy and the moment I stepped my foot on it I knew what I wanted to do in my life


The most beautiful thing in skateboarding is that skateboarding is like life. Skateboarding is all about analyzing the tricks, having a calm mind to think of the process each trick requires and then putting all those things in action. Sometimes tricks are performed flawlessly but some other times we skaters have to get up and try it again. Just like life. Nothing can't be achieved without putting up a mental or a physical "fight" first. The feeling you get when you land a trick after a hard "fight" is totally worth it though.


Not a single day passes by without doing something skate-related whether this is skateboarding, watching skate videos or writing skate blogs like this one. As I wrote in one of my previous blogs "skateboarders are artists of the streets" and as Mark Johnson said “All skateboarding is, is putting ideas into action.”
Every skater who has filmed a street part knows what Mark Johnson is talking about.

We are city-nomads moving from spot to spot getting clips and always on the lookout for new ones. And trust me it's not easy. Having to deal with all these people while street skating makes us skaters really social but at the same time helps us understand human nature a lot better. There is nothing better in my opinion than "Street Life". This is where you learn the most valuable lessons and not in a real school.

Bs Flip over the bench

Just so you can understand better, take a look at the photo above. While trying to get that trick I had to politely ask people to NOT sit on that bench. Some said ok and some others just sat and didn't give a damn about me trying to land my trick. I had to deal with two completely different types of people.

Oh man, I've been been typing for over 1 hour now but I swear I could talk about skateboarding for hours. Funny thing is that I have yet to tell you what skateboarding means to me.

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That's what Steve Caballero said, one of the greatest skateboarders of all time. And that's what skateboarding is to me.

Fun and a way of life.



Thank you all for taking the time reading my blog. I hope you enjoyed it and I want to point out that this is a free write so excuse me for my typos and grammar mistakes. English is not my native language.
Much love to everyone and stay safe

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