the soccer world is still haunted by the corona virus

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soccer vs corona

all sports activities throughout the world are stopped for the prevention of corona virus. This is an extraordinary event at the beginning of 2020. All people around the world are fighting the Corona virus.

when football is stopped, of course there are many burdens that are sweeping the world of soccer. all leagues have been closed for a while. in the case of the corona virus it also affects soccer players. Italy is the second most affected country of the corona virus after China.

news that came from Italy, many football players there have been affected by the virus. all activities there have been stopped and many soccer players are in quarantine.

all soccer players are now in their homes in the effort to prevent corona. the entire football league was stopped for further deterrence of the players and of course the soccer crowd.

I hope this problem is quickly resolved and football is held again. this is indeed a very rare thing and hopefully things like this will not happen again in the future.

all problems must have a solution