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Today I am sharing some pictures of Pakistan's traditional sport Bull race. One of my favorite sports to photograph the action. This event is organized in a remote and ruler area of Pakistan. These events are very well organized and thousands of people attend these events to support their team and bulls. These bulls are well trained and only participate in these sports.

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The handler of bulls is an expert in his field. They are very highly paid and associated with some teams. He is treated as a hero of his village. These bulls' owners are the landlords of their area and they are also fighting for their pride.





After winning the event these bull teams get some amazing prizes like Tractors, Expensive cars, and bikes. In these events, the winner is selected for the fastest time to finish the race. A judge jury carefully decides this, mostly three judges conduct this event.





The participants of these events are mainly farmers, who celebrate the harvesting of their successful crops. In these events, ambulances and medical teams are also present to look after any incident. I traveled 4,5 hours to attend these events but it is worth witnessing these events. I was very happy to see the excitement and joy on the faces of rural people.


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