Let's talk About My Hive-engine Token Investment

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Hey guys currently i am investing in index, ctp, leo, dec, epc and sportstalk hive-engine tokens. So i have discussed about projects and future benefits.

I spending few hive coins on every 3 days to buy these tokens. You can also set your investment plan as your budget.

Enjoy the video guys.

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very good my friend. you really explained very clearly. I don't have knowledge about trading and I also don't know about coins but I understood by using your video.

Thank you very much for your kind words my friend. If you have any question regarding hive-engine tokens, i am always ready to help you. You can send me message or comment on my any video. thanks a lot again man..

You shared nice information about hive engine and how to do the trading of various tokens. These days I am also quite active on hive engine portal because some tokens are too good and buying these tokens at dip and sell at high is much profitable. Nice video.

Exactly. Actually you have provided me information about staking ctp and index so i want to say thanks to you because it is really greta investment.