Card intro episode 60 : Clay golem | Splinterlands

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Clay golem


Clay golem comes with void ability that mean magic attack card will not harm it but if magic attack card has more than one attack power then extra power will affect clay golem. So keep this rule in your mind. It has enrage ability too but it is not for level 1 card. From the 5th level it is available. Clay golem has a 6 mana , 3 attack, 1 speed and 7 lives which is good for any 1st position card.



  • Used cards : I have used Furious chicken, Clay golem,silvershield bard, spirit miner, armorsmith and evangelist

The reason behind using furious chicken in first position is protection of clay golem. I have to protect that card from the first round attacks. When you find enemy you have to check that which cards enemy used in previos battle. so you get a idea. Armorsmith increase the armors and silvershield bard removes all negative effects of the first position card so i have taken them.

Spirit miner directly hit the hearts by 2 because this is armor rule battle and evangelist has a 3 attack power. So i think this is the perfect tem in 24 mana cap.


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You have played that game nicely. Recently I'm not a big fan of gaming community. So I rarely watched games. If I will have passion later I'll join with gaming.

Thanks and Yes time is very important here and I think this is the reason that you don't have tried any blockchain game yet. But let me know if you want know more about this game in future, I will support you as possible.

Thanks for sharing.

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thank you ♥

Clay Golem was one of my favorite cards when I used to play Splinterlands. It's Void ability always stops magic power and that's why meele and snipe both need to attack it maybe...

Thank you sister for your feedback. I am shocked to know that you are also Former splinterlands player.

So you have also good experience in this area. Last day I also replied to another user about this game though still I do not understand properly. Thanks for sharing with us.

It is not hard to understand But it seems Hard in the beginning. Well you can practice it during your free time. thanks for your comment brother ♥

Thanks for sharing! - @ashikstd

Clay Golem... It's a nice monster in my sense although I don't use it often.
You did well on the battlefield with Clay Golem and other monsters.
Keep on battling.

thanks my friend ♥