Get Your Mindset Right When You Learn Martial Arts

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Let's have a fight and see who is better. When you were a kid, you might see that some kids fight to show who is better.

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Unfortunately, sometimes you will see some students start fighting and try to prove who is better. Martial art is not for show off. Or, if you learn marital arts, people will respect you. If you learn martial arts for that, change it now.

No matter how interested you are in something, if you start something for the wrong reasons, you will give up at some point. So if you establish that you are better than a particular person, then what? Will you quit martial arts?

What we usually see in a martial art institution is, there are a lot of students at the beginning, they seem very interested to learn martial arts. After a certain period of time, you see some students quit. You do not see a lot of students anymore.

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So what just happened? There could be many reasons? One of the reasons is you start learning martial arts for the wrong reasons. You think it's cool to have some fighting skills. You think it is very easy to learn. When you realize that it takes time and you have to be patient. You might not be so interested.

So before learning martial arts, you ask yourself why you want to learn a martial art and what is your expectations. Most of the time, we get disappointed in life because we do not get what we expect.

Get your mindset right. And start learning martial arts. You do not need any motivation from outside to keep going and learning martial arts.

Thank you very much for reading this post. If you like this post, please let me know. I appreciate your feedback and support.

Stay safe. Always be happy!


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