Let's See Front Kick In A Different Angle

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Front kick is one of the basic kicks that you learn as a beginner. If you want to kick your opponent without moving a lot, or bending your body, you can do front kick.

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When you do a roundhouse kick, you turn your body to throw the kick and generate power. You bend your body to the side when you do side kicks. But in order to do a front kick, you do not need to turn or bend to the side. You can stand right there and do the front kick.

A front kick can be a very powerful kick if you can use it properly. So which part of the foot do you use to hit when you do front kicks?

Here we are talking about the specific areas of the foot that will contact and hit when you deliver the kick. It can be either ball of your foot or heel of your foot. In some martial arts, you are taught to kick with the ball of your foot. On the flip side, you are also taught to hit with the heel of your foot in some martial arts.

I prefer using the heel of the foot to hit when I do front kick. Do you need to make the distance and move your opponent away? You can do a front kick and push your opponent. Yes, front kick can also be used to push your opponent.

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If you want to hit with a front kick (not push), you just strike, move your leg back quickly. There is no extra effort to push. You can do front kick preparation, aka, doing the font kick slowly step by step. When you do front kick preparation, try to hold the position when you deliver the kick. It will help you to be good at doing front kick.

I highly recommend sparring with your training partner and practicing front kick in a kick bag. That's it for now. I hope you will find it useful.

Thank you so much for reading this post. Please feel free to share your thoughts in the comment section. Stay safe. Always be happy!

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Front kick is a powerful one, and you get to face the opponent too. It can be too dangerous to use round or back kick. Oh I miss my training, I will be able to be back on the dojo in a couple of weeks.
Thank you for this post!

Where you want to hit and what kind of situation you are in, that helps you determine which kick would be effective to use. Thank you @katerinaramm for your comment! :)

This is correct :)
May I ask what martial art you practice and for how long?
I consider myself still a beginner, I practice TKD for the past 3 years (taking a break lately due to Corona restrictions)

For some reason, I don't mention the martial arts I practice. I've been involved in martial arts for the past 19 years. Well, I'm not an old guy! ;)

Glad to know that! :)