Statistical Computations and Plots to Guide our Witness Vote Selection - "Cancelled" witness vote is a waste!


In my knowledge of science, it is true that it is easier to proof a point with facts and figures rather than mere words. Statistics tools have been one of such very powerful mathematical tools which has been very useful in forecasting.

In times as this, it is crucial that all hands be on deck to preserve and build what we have collectively built over time. This could be achieved by steem users making the most of their skills in marketing, analysis and persuasive contenting to win the unity of all steemians towards decentralizing the governance of our chain.

I decided to deploy my Data analysis tools to check how we can be able to mobilize the steem community the more to vote for Community witnesses. In my research via the @Steemworld, I discovered that about 138,068.10 Million Vest are wastingly resting on the Cancelled witnesses as a time as this that every single vote matters and counts to show the world how decentralized we are in governance which will build the confidence of any investor on steem blockchain.

I discovered that about 8 witnesses whose witness roles were cancelled are still seating on the top 100 witness spots and having on them witness votes cast to the tune of 138,068.10 MV which is currently the total votes held by the witness in the 31st mark of the steem witness ranking.

Furthermore, I discovered that @Blocktrades currently at spot #1 has a total of 154,254.664 MV and @ Toke2049 on the #20 mark has a total of 141,606.477 MV. This shows a difference of just 12,648.187MV.

I am taking time to make this analysis to give us an edge in how we can rally for more votes for our community witnesses to fill up all the top 20 witness positions to restore decentralization totally to steem blockchain.

So far, Clayop, Smooth.witness Steemhunt Reggaemuffin Xeldal Utopian-io Crowdwitness and Teamsteem had cancelled their witness roles and had some significant amount of witness votes on them which I consider as a waste at this material time. Take a look at the edited screenshot I took from @Steemworld below.

By my computations, if a witness such a @Ura-soul who is currently on the 84th rank with 11,535.11 MV receives all of the wasted votes, he would have a total of 149,603.21 MV which would probably place him on the 4th position. Already, we have advantaged witnesses from the 31st spot down. Being able to retract the wasted votes from cancelled witnesses and placing them on active witnesses would with ease help the steem community to gain back the lost top 20 spots.

Infact, as long as we already have secured 10 top spots, maximizing the wasted votes would help recycle the imposted votes towards the 101th mark. Yes. If @Ura-soul would with such votes scale from the 84th position to the 4th, then only steem community witnesses would have a space within the first 100 spots for a truth.

While steemians have been very cooperative to help us earn the top 10 positions, we still got more work for community leaders to have users who have already voted to again check through the witness vote list to "unvote" inactive witnesses.

It is quite important that we be guided and re-check our witness votes to ensure that no vote is wasted. A vote on a cancelled witness vote is not actually helping us at this moment.

I wish that the steem influencers could see this post and help spread this information across to other users. We've got all it takes to make steem fully decentralized and that's one of the reasons that keep me here. As captured in my last post, the steem community is always united enough to surge the change we need. We've always done it in the past and we can still do it again.

It's time we boycott all witness vote preferences and concentrate on upholding witnesses that would help build the integrity of steem as a decentralised blockchain. Whether we be engaged in the SCOT tribes or communities. It's a time to come together for this unified goal.

I personally did this quick analysis using my Microsoft Excel version 13 software to make the statistical computations as well as plot the charts for our use. We are all free to resteem this post for more users to see and act on it as appropriate. Below is my screenshot showing the computations and plots.

Meanwhile, you can Proxy me to have all the active witnesses voted for to ensure we stay in control of our blockchain. You can make a screenshot of your proxy voting and submit it as link to @Theycallmedan's post here to receive some upvotes.

I believe in steem and we'll keep building a solid community that esteem users and allows users in governance. Let's keep pushing till the community replaces the top 20 witness spots and we maintain our decentralized economy.

Our 4-years of investment should not be toppled in a few months by a "Newbie". - @Uyobong (04/02/2020)

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