Fire Quest--splinterland victory

in GEMSlast month

hello dear today my quest was with fire dragon so i completed my quest , but fire quest is one of the hardest quest for my self, i played very well , i completed my fire quest so i show you my today quest reward


Unlocking my quest reward box


  • 1 Alchemy is my today quest reward, i got only one gift reward, because this season my rank is this time not good, and i have to play more battle and also i must win to make my rank good at the end of this season,,


it is my last battle that i won and completed my today quest so here i want to show some screenshot of my last battle victory


in round 1 , my team killed half monsters of opponent side, and in round two game was near to over and i got victory so it is very much nice battle, and my 3 headed dog monster showed his great abilities of fight in this battle


thank you very much .

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