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Italy vs Switzerland UEFA EURO 2020 preview: where to watch, TV channels and live streams, team news, form guide...who did u think will be the winner remenber this is a game anything can happen...

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What a hit game that played out between the two teams but unfortunately Italy won 3:0 against Switzerland.
Goal credit to M. Locatelli who delivered 2 goals for his country.

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Highly anticipating this match. Expecting lot of goals on this one as both team should come out firing.

Concerning your image source link, I think there's an issue with the positioning and alignment, you should adjust that

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I believe u have make a good prediction ...hope u were able to watch the match

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Yeah. Excited for the outcome of the game, saw such no of goals coming through but however expected Switzerland to register atleast a goal against the Italians.

Couldn't see the match as I slept off upon getting home to due to work stress from workplace

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