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Tonight marks the end of Euro 2020 has Italy will be facing England. Lot of prediction has been going on. While some people believe England will win the match other believe Italy will win.

The line-up for the match is quiet different from the usual line-up for England as Southgate decided to use 5 good defenders in the line-up in 5-2-3 formation. Italy usual line up did not change. The Azzurri’s 4-3-3 formation did not change.

What is your Opinion?

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Am afraid that the english team are looking all defence conscious trying to stifle the attacking strides of the azzuries I maintain that this match is heading all out to extra time

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You have really say well about this bro as we are all waiting to see the outcome of every of our prediction either right or wrong but we never forget the fact that the both team are here to win

However I have always predicted itally to win but who knows because I believe England have a lot of advantages to win the match and this should have been a great opportunity for them..

We do appreciate you post here as euro 2020 will be coming to an end today,you are yet to give out your own prediction for the match . I will appreciate more if you can add it, thanks for sharing and happy watching.

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Both team well line up for action. As expected the English are playing a more defensive game. 5 defender, would be almost impossible to impregnate them. I believe who ever scores first has more probability of lifting the title.

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What a well tactical line up with ciro immobile , chiesa and insigne on the front for the Italian,it really shows that Roberto maccini guys are coming with a full attack, England on the other side too is up with Harry Kane, Raheem sterling and Chelsea Wonder kid Mason mount ,this is a very good attacking tactics from both manager,I must say that we are going to enjoy best of attacking football on the field of play with this formation set by both managers

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