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It is no longer a news that the Argentina won the Copa America 2021 by defeating the resilience Brazil with a goal margin in the Copa America final. The goal was scored by the PSG winger after receiving an awesome assist from Udinese and Argentina midfielder De Paul in the 22nd minute of the match.

After the tournament has been concluded Lionel Messi could not just stop jubilating, not just because of the tournament alone but for other outstanding success and record the player broke which made him to be greatest of all time.

The player broke three good record that made the fans to be astonished.

First he was the highest goal scorer. Messi claim this tittle haven scored four goals for his national team. Although he is not the only player to score four goals. Porto and Colombia striker Luis Diaz also scored four goals as well but the player do not have enough assist just like Messi. Ronaldo on the other hand won the Euro 2020 highest goal scorer too but didn't achieve other honor that Messi achieved.

Secondly Messi claimed the named "Greatest of all time" as he is the only player in the history of Copa America to have the highest number of goals and assist in the tournament history. Messi recorded five assist to his name.

Lastly Messi was named the best player for the tournament.


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I just checked the stats on https://messivsronaldo.app you are correct by saying the best of all time.

I don't see reasons to compare Lionel Messi to Cristiano Ronaldo. They are both football legends in their own rights. No matter the statistics people will always pick sides on this debate. Congratulations to both of them for the individual honors on the sane day.

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Thanks for your comment what i was trying to say is that both players are the highest goal scorer.

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My pleasure. Yeah they are both incredible. I'm afraid we may never see a generation like this where players like this bang as much goals and break records like they do.

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When we say there is no God of football..... I think we need to rethink, cos this same player had emotional stress when the tabloids took to him after Ronaldo achieved a record in euro, now the whole world have turned to respect this same man shunned by man including his home fans... When it's your time no one can stop your shine, your uniqueness just becomes glaring for everyone to see , he was made for football and football was made for him.

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You are right but i never address Messi as god of soccer just as some fanatic people does.

Arguably I agree with you that he as done very well but I want to say not really that he is the best of all time, looking at his performance in the Copa America aside statics that needs to do with his performance at club level,he as not really done well enough and hope you didn't forget that it was a certain Angel di Maria goal and a superb performance from their keeper that keep Brasil at bay through out the encounter,but to me he is one if the best to have grace the field of play in the world of football ⚽

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