Splinterlands Rewards, Investment and What's To Come

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I don't post about Splinterlands much anymore unless it's season ending and there's some big news to go along with it. For the most part my fan base doesn't like these posts but stick with me here! 😁

This post will go over the following

  • Season ending rewards (I always enjoy checking them out and seeing what others get along with ranks)
  • New SPS Splinter shards
  • New Untamed card releasing soon


Season Rewards


DEC - 500
Gold Potions - 17
Legendary Positions - 13


Splintershards announced(SPS)

You can read the full announcement here


In short though what it is are governance tokens that will be dropped over the course of a year. They will be split up between all players depending on how much value you're account has.

These SPS tokens will be used for a number of things such as Governance, offers, promotions, bonuses and events. Now is a perfect time to start stacking up your splinterlands collection so you can get your hands on more of these tokens.


Does Splinterlands make for a good investment?

In my opinion yes, it's a popular game that has huge potential of becoming even more popular. There are a lot of new features coming to the game this year that will provide more value and more people investing and taking part. It seems to be taking key aspects such as alienworlds has with lands and putting it on top of the current platform giving it more depth. SPS token gives players the ability to vote and in a way have influence over the entire game platform.

A investment of mine of about $6,000 has now turned into nearly $30,000 over 2 years and that was during a bear market a long one at that. I firmly believe that gaming at it's core has huge potential in getting more people involved in crypto and currently splinterlands userbase is still rather small compared to what it could be.

*This article is for entertainment purpose only and not investment advice. Do your own damn research and stop complaining when you follow some influencer blindly and take responsibility for your actions :)

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I'm trying to get into the game but I see that with basic cards there isn't much probability to win.

I do like the idea of investing a bit of money in it, not for finantial gains but more for fun and if some money comes out of it well I won't complain 😅

I see that you have quite a bit of experience in the game, can I ask you a question?

If I was to invest money in the game, would an initial investment of 50$ in card packs be enough to give me an initial boost and the resources to be a little bit more competitive and yield more ranked wins?
My plan then would be to just keep playing and trying to improve my account with the seasonal chests, or is it not feasible?
(And also I was thinking to reinvest in the game whatever I can earn from it in a kind of long term vision of the whole game and relative investments. So in addition to the monthly chests I would reinvest my earning, if any, in the game)

Hope everything makes sense and to not have bothered you with my question.


It takes time to build up cards. You could swap some out for DEC or even buy some DEC from tokens earned on your articles here on Hive as a way to buy more card. Once you start leveling up a few (primarily your summoner cards at first to level 2 you can start winning some battles :)

Oh so the cards have levels? I see!

Sorry but I am a complete noob and I am still confused on many aspects about the whole Hive ecosystem, let alone the Splintelands game...

I do have to read about it then to understand a bit better and re-evaluate my strategy!

Thank you for the answer!

yep, you can combine cards to level them up. Within Splinterlands click on cards in the top menu and then click on a card you want to level. Here you can combine the cards or if you click Stats you can see what leveling up each card does and how many are needed etc.


Thank you, I'll go have a look!

It looks very interesting the game so I definitely have to dedicate some time to it!

Good luck for your future adventures in the game!

Splinterlands was my entire portfolio at the end of the bear market. Without that game, I wouldn't be in the position I am in now. It saved my position as good as going into all stable coins.

If it stays growing, I will throw more in later on this year (or early next... I still think we are going up)

Oh I would enjoy playing some games, but those for now are looking very complicated even for myself ;)
Namaste 🙏