The Games We Played : A SPORT FREEWRITE.


Copy of Freewrite.png
Deep underground was it done
To make the match fun
He chants and curse
Raining miseries on our opponent
To misunderstood, get home goals
A miss, a kick above the post
For them, a match with no goal
While we shake the net
The trophies came in trolls
Bearing our name
On a platter of deep underground
Dark world of trophy.
The medicine cards aren't given
He stood still, never shaken
The pain wouldn't go
An injury in the field
A player, well known
But he flops that day
Never sending the trail
No goals that day
They lost the game.
Home side was nothing
Players stranded, just wasting
A home based team with no coaching
Trying to catch up by competing
Not the home they thought
Quickly sending the ball
Formation was wrong
They played for fun.

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