Congratulations to Crotia for qualifying to Round 16 of Euro2020

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Crotia have qualified for round 16 of Euro2020 tournament. They gained there ground against Scotland by winning yesterday match.


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It was a tremendous winning for Crotia against Scotland.
The match between the two Countries ended 3:1(Crotia 3:1 Scotland)


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Goal credit goals to Nikola Vlasic for scoring the 1st goal of the game at 17min of the first half.
Luka Modric scored a beautiful side kick goal to make up the 2nd goal against Scotland. The shoot was well placed by him.
Ivan Perisic what a beautiful corner kick header which was the final winning goal for Crotia.

I look forward to see there performance in the Euro2020 round 16. I hope they are ready to face other teams that qualified from other group in the tournament.

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