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We are back again on Euro2020 live comment section.
Introducing you on today's game featuring between;


What is your say is this hit game
Your opinion matters so put it on the comment box.
Make prediction on the winning team and possible correct score that will play out.

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Which way will this go judging by the game formation, both teams have drawn a strong line against each other on the same formation.
The question is which country will kiss the net first?


The two teams is in good form as both teams won there first game against there opponents in Euro2020.

Netherlands won 3:2 in there last game against Ukraine.
Austria won 3:1 against North Macedonia.

Which way will the hit of this game go?
Will this be a end draw game?
I don't know I'm curious to watch the game.

Keep your comments rolling, who is going to be the man of the match in this game?

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Sports fans let's roll.

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Leaders Austria will be determined to put the pressure on the chasing pack in the European Championship table when they travel to face ...

Austria won there first euro opening game, however I don't know how it will turn out for them as they play against Netherlands tonight.

After following the Netherlands first match, they seem to have a big problem despite their win. Their backline needs to be fortified if they intend to achieve much.

I see a yet again a high scoring encounter with both team registering at least a goal.

As for man of the match, I see one of the teams forward taking that, probably Memphis Depay

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Netherlands defence is a bit stable but judging by there control in the mid field that's an added advantage to them and having Depay as there front finisher that shows they have a high scoring chance against Austria.
This is 23 min in the game and Netherlands is winning with 1:0 with a penalty scored by Depay.

Not the way I'd like them to score but a goal is a goal right?. Looking forward to what second half brings

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Yes all goals count for winning, the won second half too ending the game 2:0
Netherland 2:0 Austria .

Yeah. Great win from the Dutch. They also seemed to have worked on their backline as they didn't concede today

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Yes I give them credit on that for walling up the defense lines.

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Yeah. Guess they learned one or two affect their first match. Would be nice to see who they face in the next round as qualification in group is certain

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I know the match wont be an easy match for both team. But i see Netherland winning the match anyway

It ended up to be a winning game for them final score between Netherland vs Austria- 2:0