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My name is feyisola favour, I am the fifth of six children in my family. A trained guidance counselor from the Ekiti State University, Ado Ekiti. Am married to a lovely husband plus am stay at home mom of two amazing sons, A 3 months and A 2 years old. If you would ask me, the experience is exhausting yet exciting.

Besides been a stay-at-home mom, I have an enthusiasm for Nature, Adventure, Sports, Books and of course Food.

My brother @corporateay engages in his phone alot and it bothers me so I asked "what is it with your phone that engages you so much" Then he introduced me to this platform "Hive" and all the communities it entails and most interestingly the pay out😜😜 He made me realise how educative and beneficial this platform is compared to the other social media platforms i waste data, time and money engaging in.
I waoh"ed" 😳 all this while and i wasn't involved?? Well am so interested, would love to learn more from brilliant people and share some of my personal experiences too.

Let me conclude by saying "There are things money cant buy like Manners, Morals and Intelligence" These are what i look forward to here.

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Welcome to the platform ma, and thanks for giving me the listening ears. I am sure that you will enjoy your stay here to the fullest.

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Manners, morals, and intelligence are some of the most important things to have. I look forward to seeing what you have to share!

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Oh yeah

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Welcome to Hive! Better now than never I would say. :)
Good job @corporateay and bringing more people to the platform.


Thanks brother

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Welcome to Hive!! A heaven for original content creators, you'll love it here.

You are welcome ma

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Welcome the beautiful community ma.😊😁

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Welcome to Hive! 😊

Thank u

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@feyifavor welcome to the Hive blockchain community. This is a place where you have limitless things to explore. I hope you explore, learn things and also have fun while at it.

@corporateay thanks for bringing your sister on board. 🙂

The honor is definitely mine 😊😊

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Thank you... I sure will

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Good to have you here ma.

Am sure you’ll love it here



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Thx sure ll

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Hi, welcome. Hopefully you enjoy posting and commenting. It’s a great platform to grow together..

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Yeah yeah, thx

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Welcome feyifavor!
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Hello @feyifavor. This is @gentleshaid from the @ocd team. Congratulation on onboarding to Hive and making your introductory post. In case you run into bumps and will need clarifications, feel free to hop into OCD Discord Server where you will get to meet and interact with thousands of other Hive enthusiasts, some of which are veterans and will be able to guide you accordingly.

Welcome and hope you'll enjoy it on here.

Am beginning to enjoy it already tho m still learning to get my way around

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welcome onboard. good thing you heeded the invitation on your brother. i believe you will have an awesome experience here and learn lot of things.

looking forward to reading more posts from you

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Am beginning to enjoy it, spent more time here. It quite adventurous

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Great to hear that. Many more to come if you remain consistent

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Thanks, i look forward to that

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