Lewandowski scores as Poland hold winless Spain

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Poland International Robert Lewandowski rescued a vital point for his country after a 54th minutes header in the 1-1 draw against Spanish.


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The Polish were on the verge of been eliminated from the tournament until the Bayern Munich forward rose up to the occasion to ensure they got a life line.

Alvaro Morata opened scoring for Spain in the 25th minutes after a close range finish and all looking set until the equalizer.


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The Spanish team later had a chance to secure the 3points in the 58th minutes after a penalty was awarded. Gerard Moreno wasted the opportunity.

Poland faces Sweden in their last group game. A win will guarantee progression while a loss will send them packing. The match is a must win

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Though poland tried by gettong a draw from a dominating spain but they need to step up their most especially when they play Sweden in their last match. If the team loose their last match it means they will be out of the tournament.
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After securing this draw, I believe they will be more motivated to play the Sweden. If they will win, I can't say. One thing is for sure, Sweden won't be having the game easy.

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Enrique is gonna get what's coming for him when Spain finally exits at the group stage for picking such a mediocre squad.

Spanish team has no leader, no real character, no champion, no balls. I mean why wouldn't he take Ramos?

Don't know what he was thinking when naming the squad. They have been really disappointing to watch. Gathering all the possession with nothing to show for it in terms of result.

Really mediocre, no real leader in the team. May be a defeat to Slovakia tomorrow will awaken them going forward in other competition like the world cup because I don't see what they can do past the group stage even if they secure qualification

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A National team coach's club bias shouldn't have anything to do with his team selection. It is obvious that Mr. Enrique's bad history with Real Madrid influenced his decision to not pick any Madrid player. I mean they came second in the Spanish League for Pete's sake, their players couldn't have been that bad.

Having said all that, I love when the underdog prevails and the giant is humiliated. (That giant better not be my team) So I would love nothing but for Spain to not get out of that group.

Imagine if they'd ended up in the Group that has Germany, France, and Portugal...Scenes!!

Not professional of him to let sentiment get in the way of him choosing the team if that was his criteria.

Always love the underdog story. I believe it'll be another story if they fell into group F, they will most likely be the Hungary in such case.

Great win from them today. They apparently did something right. Seems they're up from their slumber. Looking forward to their knockout game against Croatia to see if it was just a one match wonder

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What a below expectation performance from the Spanish National team and an impressive one from the polish team after losing their first match to sloviaka,all they have to do now is to get maximum point against Sweden to progress to the next round

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Yeah. Spain really poor in the tournament. Expected them to play much better after last week stalemate against Sweden.

Now they face the risk of been eliminated at the group stage. Hope they play way better than this when they take on Slovakia in their last game of the group

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They've got to win, they should not accept to be sent packing for any reason 😴

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Yeah. Would be nice of them making it out of the group but I doubt they will make any good progress out there considering the callibre of team they are set to face.

However not ruling them out totally as they might as well get better or pull up a surprise as the tournament progresses

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Of course, we have witnessed lots of turn around in the games from time past

You should not rule out the possibility of them beating even the best team in this tournament

Let's just keep our fingers cross

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Not ruling them out just stating the facts. Would sure be nice to see more surprises. These are things that make football more exciting to watch.

It shouldn't always play the way majority expect it to be. Underdogs story are always nice. Yeah. Fingers crossed

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Yeah, that's true, and I am glad you agree, cheers

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That was a beautiful equalizing goal by Lewandoski, Moreno missed winning penalty affected Spain morals in the game.

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Absolute header from the polish forward. Glad to see him eventually show a glimpse of himself after been kept on check since the tournament began.

Costly miss it was. Hopefully it doesn't mar their qualification at the end of the group games. Poland however more pleased with this result

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I will look forward to see there performance in the upcoming game in the tournament.

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