Ronaldo Becomes Euros All Time Top Scorer

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The Portugal forward Cristiano Ronaldo can't just stop scoring has he recorded a brace in his country 3-0 victory over Hungary in their euro 2020 game.


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Ronaldo achieved two records in the game, first been the 1st player to appear in five European competition and Euro championship top scorer.

The 36 year old penalty in the 87th minutes helped him surpass Mitchel Platini record of 9 goals in the Euro championship. He currently sit at 11 goals.

With two goals after game 1, Ronaldo sit top at the top of scorer chart alongside Romelu Lukaku.

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Yeah man I agreed with your, he is GOAT in the game of football.

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Yeah Undoubtedly. He has proven himself over and over again for club and country

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That is why he is the Greatest Of All Time. I love his courage and comfidence. I am sure he can still sign two years contract because he is physically fit

Yeah the real GOAT in my opinion too. He surely got it all. Still got the physique of a youngster, he should play up to 40 unless he is tired of setting them records

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Ronaldo is an outstanding player. Always at his best in the game, nice to see him topping the goal chart 📈. Once the best always the best in the football ⚽ game.

Really extraordinary. He's truly on a level of his own. Yeah, the quality and finesse will always be there

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Always I trust in his performance, he is a born baller.

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Yeah a really talented one in which we are all privilege to see grace the football pitch

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No doubt he is one of the most talented and hard working players but his arrogance sometimes encourages other teams (see his action vs. Germany - made our team finally to win and kick Portugal, sorry but I hate such actions - good we used it and he again is not winning vs. Team Germany :-)!)

PS: I am aware about his social initiatives - he might be a nice guy but....

I don't see him has been arrogant. He's simply just confident in his abilities. Besides we all can't be humble.

In the game against Germany, it wasn't his fault the team lost. You can't win all the time. Has he leader he tried to less the team.

The thing is, he can't do it all alone. He needs intelligent people to work with him. In my opinion, he is great guy who is not comfortable with losing

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