What Are Your Distractions And What’s Important Right Now

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A distraction is something/someone that turns your attention away from something you want to concentrate on or do at a particular time.

In a simple form; losing focus

I believe you and I both have reasons to why some things are important and why some are not.

What exactly is our distractions and what are the things we should concentrate more on???

Do you ever thought about this before or not. Ask that question right now if you haven’t asked yourself before. what are my distraction and what is more important.

Do I just have to keep saying yes to everything? When is that moment that NO really matters.

Most of us are luckier than others as we often make the right choices, even if they are sometimes the hard one.

What are the right choices we make??

Each choice having its own outcome based on how we see and value each option we have.

A healthy man trying to stay healthy has more focus on his health status than few other things, which is why he goes for a weekly check ups and workout daily.

On the other hand he has another choice to make which is probably to stay longer hours on bed, rolling from one end to another and that way he misses his appointment with the doctor. His health isn’t much of a valuable asset for him, but he can never miss his miserable football club match on the weekend.

The two choices can be managed easily with time management , many of us will agree. You can meet the regular check ups and workout in the morning while the evening is fixed for the El Classico fixtures.

This seems logical to analyze but let’s come to reality where time is no mans friend.

Full-time employees work an average of 8.5 hours per weekday and 5.4 hours per day on a weekend day.

Watching TV is the most enjoyed form of leisure, accounting for 2.8 hours per day. That works out to 42.6 days per year!

Now if you’re within this age range(15-24)you’ll agree that you spend averagely 1hour daily on Gaming. You don’t work yet but you spend averagely 6 hours in high school daily.

This all being said and pointed out. The reality there is that there will always be at a point in time, that you have to chose between visiting a friend after work or hit the gym maybe you can just sit back at home and relax on the couch watching TV.

You don’t have all the time in the world to perform these task ,so you’re left to make a choice? if it were you, what choice are you making?. Let me know that in the comments.

Whichever choice we make will be what we consider best for us and also at that particular time seems important to us while the other might be considered mere distraction.

If you chose to go squatting in the gym just like I believe @rmsbodybuilding will .

I’ll consider you don’t want to be distracted by your friend or Nexflix as both isn’t much important at that moment and you can always visit your Netflix next time you have a free schedule but at the moment getting pumped and fit is important.

I believe you’ve learned a thing or two from this as you should be aware that you don’t have the whole time in the world and you need to start setting your priorities right. Eliminate the distraction at the moment. Your distraction might be my main focus at the moment. just as getting engaged in the community is important to me and not to others

As I would love to see your comment below on what are the more important things/task you need to keep up with and what’s distracting you.

Note-: I know reading/learning is your focus but commenting too isn’t a distraction as it helps drive more engagements and interaction in the community.

BTW FEEL FREE TO ASK ME ANY QUESTION ON OTHER THINGS YOU WISH TO KNOW ABOUT ME or I might just make another post about it later

Thanks for reading through


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For me what's most distracting at the moment is my work... I want to post, read and curate but I have to work!

Jokes aside, I think that I just hit a spot where I can fit most of my things within my day. Of course when I go to bed I'm exhausted, but I know that all the effort will pay one day. And I always save on Sunday of the month to be absolutely useless. Like, do nothing at all with intent.

I finally understood that giving my time to this will create more time for me in the future, since you nail it in saying that time no mans friend. So you have to understand where your time goes so you can have it back, or it will become unbearable. I almost got to that point, But now I'm good.

Thanks for sharing! It's good to be reading from you!
Keep posting and keep shining!

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Thanks for the kinds words. I am glad you could relate with personal experience.

Time is a precious gem that you need to be careful with. Once you start knowing how you spend your time and what you spend it on, you’ll be able to know if one task is productive than the other. Gives you more edge in making the right choices and decisions

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Now if you’re within this age range(15-24)you’ll agree that you spend averagely 1hour daily on Gaming.

Careful with this kind of assumption, it'll differ widely. There are a lot of people who are distracted by technology, no arguments against that.

What distractions do you have to deal with in your life @marvinix?

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I can’t agree less. It’s more tech these days, but I think the gaming part is still relevant too because the tech and gaming world has merge now and you can see all sort of games here and there. Take for example splintersland here on hive.

Distractions I do deal with mostly is mainly trying to accomplish a task. I am always motivated to start but I am always having this unknown blockage at the near end and I just turn back.

I am trying as much as possible to always end whatever I start. Can’t say a specific reason to why I always lose focus mid-way tho but I am working on it......

Now each time I start writing I never delete anymore, it’s a must I post it once I start writing.

Thanks for coming by and have a great day ahead

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