Sports Burn - and Drop your link for curation. (September 15 2021)

Hi Friends.
I hope you all are in good spirits and I am putting burn post for today.


This post will serve as the burn post of the sports token. What ever liquid Sports rewards will be generated will be burnt fully.

Other active Burn post are:

Trx transferred to null till now:

Post linkTransactionSPORTS burned
September 2Trx id4732
September 3Trx id1500
September 4Trx id1981
September 5Trx id2304
September 6Trx id3199
September 7Trx id3445
September 8Trx id2520

For earlier transaction id please refer to the post

Screenshot of to day Burn


Additionally this will be serve as "Request of Curation post also" , If you have any post that you like me to curate then just drop a link in comment, I will definitely look into it .
Please make sure you maintain some quality standards on your post and post is less than 24 hours old , My current VP in various tribes are as below:
SPORTS > 1million
SPT > 104K
CTP> 25 K
LIST >14 K
DUNK > 5 K
PALNET > 2.5 K

And there are other tribes too in which I very small stake too.

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