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We know that the American way of life is interested in attending shows when the bigger and the better, the better, that the more I say, the better also, that they are very attached to their flag and sing the anthem in schools, they really like the emotion and the sport, the fact is that these so anchored in the American society explain the enthusiasm that the Hanson brothers when they go out to the field.

So welcome for fun.

But before the Hanson brothers it is that it is a symbol of this historical era: the 70s.

Paul Newman is the engine of the new era, he is initiative, combat without quarter, training, and now he appears without a jacket or tie, the gray uniformity of the 60s disappears. It is a detail in seeing the film of that time but it would not be without him exact framing, which is another of El castañazo's achievements.

Let us attend the festivities with shouts, with the lights decorated with matches, then rest in the evening twilight light Let's rest in the sad apartments where once someone has the bed and we put something in the drawers that someone is gone forever. And let's not forget the tedious, smoke-laden company bus rides.

Paul Newman is the coach of a hockey team facing a key moment of uncertainty, an uncertain future. The club's owners operate in mystery and to top it all, they rule their destiny regardless of their interests.

There is the hidden but true reality, that these players who see their long-term jobs disappear

But beware, Paul Newman does not allow it, he will be there to encourage and move on to something else, risk and win. Because the macho brutality that he offers himself is not the dramatic one, of fear and silence, it is that of the struggle. Although it gives rise to another hidden drama.

It's for the player who just wants to break the everyday routine, the one who attends a festive parade, with their fanfare and girls setting the pace in miniskirts, and another enjoys watching an ice hockey game, with a beer on hand.



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I still haven't watched this one, but it seems to have a nice script.

Paul Newman is a great actor.

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That you did not see it, because to see it that you will like

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