Social media is evergreen

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Every content that is being dropped on social media is considered evergreen, it gets more new and fresh when the rightful time comes.
Earlier this week, I read a story from a platform. The story was about a man called MR. Peter who when he was young used a social media platform in the wrong way by supporting the bad governance during his own time, always putting his whole life on the internet, and when he was old, his son needs the social media platform to create awareness for people to vote for him during a chairmanship election , then, the wrong doings of his father came back into existence to stab him at his back,as the people went back to those platforms that his father used then after how many years, people judged the son based on the father's act, then I start to think more on the story, and what the writer wants us to learn from the act.

I attached the story to what exactly is going on with the youths and the users of today, people write and post whatever pleases them at that time of their life not thinking of the effect it might bring back to them in the future. They interact and relate with people using all manners of approach

The social media does not forget, whatever we do or say will come back to us one day just like karma. It is quite sad the way people put their whole life event on the social media, do or say negative things about each other. The habit is mostly common with our today celebrities fighting and exchanging words with each other, disclosing their secrets for the world to hear. All these things will surely affect them or their offspring later in the future like that of Mr. Peter, those negative words or content portraying bad image will one day be used to shade them. I have seen several instances whereby their actions in the past later landed them into doom.

All in the name of trend, most people, especially ladies lose their dignity, they go extra minds to follow the online trend ignoring that it might fire them at the back later in the future. It annoys me when I see ladies expose their bodies to the world just to follow particular trend.

All these things would be remembered in the future. I hope not in a hard way though.

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Indeed social media is a tool but can affect lives positively and negatively, it can create and destroy lives.A very good example of its ability to destroy is the on going Olympics games where the director of show for the opening ceremony by name Kentaro kobayashi was dismissed a day to the opening ceremony for a Holocaust jokes he made in the early 1990s,the joke was described as "painful facts of history " Am very sure is grand children will get to know of this act in the near future.The same social media made a good samaritan a millionaire just for paying the transportation of a lady,who late raised funds for him.SOCIAL MEDIA......THE PAST,PRESENT AND THE FUTURE.

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It depends on how it is been used, it can serve as a good and a bad tool, it's high time people should learn how to use it in a good Way
The social media does not forget.
Thanks for reading through

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I consider it shallow that people are judging a man based on his father's actions, but then again, i understand the internet is filled with shallow people.

Unfortunately, you cannot unsay what you have said on the internet, but people change their opinions everyday. It is just one of the things we have to learn to accommodate with this emerging technology.

I think people should express themselves fully. That's the only way they can learn and connect with world

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Very true, thankz for coming through

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Just like a woman knows for posting her tattooed half nude body on social media, and other indecent pictures of herself.

She later got born again and became an evangelist. Every time she comes in contact of any of the pictures she had posted, it hurts her a lot.

Some people who do not believe in her new person still uses those pictures to make jest of her.

She is truly saved but her past on social media would always hunt after her

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Now she have to pay for her past.
It pisses me off when I see people, youths in particular allowing their lives to depend on social media.

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