Exercising, Working and Harvesting Chili in the Garden. Monday, 22/2/2021.

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Exercising, Working and Harvesting Chili in the Garden. Monday, 22/2/2021.

Talking about dreams, as if talking to myself, because I still dream of achieving success, still working within the limitations of space and time, I will keep thinking about continuing to work and dedicating my life to this world.


Cool mornings, fresh air greeted my life journey with my family, I started this morning with a million natural beauty with exercise activities in the morning. The sport I did on that beautiful morning was riding or cycling around the countryside and heading to one of the hilltops in the village.

Every day I do sports activities by bicycle, I do these sports in the morning or evening. Exercising using a bicycle is very good for the health of the body, but during this sport it takes extraordinary stamina.


My trip by bicycle around the beloved village was only for one hour, after arriving at the top of the hills, what I did was take a break to unwind and enjoy the fresh air and enjoy the beautiful view from the top. Then I returned home to start my daily activities.



The next activity I do is work, as a worker in a government agency, of course, the attitude of discipline and responsibility must always be adopted, serving the community well and providing optimal service is one of the noble duties. The activity that I did was to attend the Development Planning Conference, with the theme Establishing Economic Recovery, Education and Health. Towards Welfare and Community Independence.


The activity lasted several hours, many participants attended, starting from Forkopimda, Forkopimcam, Village Government, TNI, Polri and several other agencies. This activity discusses proposals for activities and programs that fall under the authority of the village and also discusses government priority programs above which are delegated to the village. All of this is done so that the village is more advanced, prosperous and independent. When the activity was finished I immediately returned home to do the next activity.


When I got home, all I did was wash myself up, perform my midday prayers and have lunch. There are no strenuous activities that I do at home, resting while reading the newspaper and enjoying a cup of coffee and cakes are things I often do at home when I say hello. I only did the rest that day for two hours.


Furthermore, what I did was harvesting chilies in the garden with my family, the yield this time was somewhat reduced, this is because the chili harvest is not evenly distributed. Assisted by several workers, my family and I picked chilies from the tree and weighed them and stored them for a while before selling them to the market. Gardening is one of my hobbies, I have been doing this work since I was a child, my gardening habit was born from my father who was also a farmer.


After harvesting the chilies, we returned home with the harvest. When I arrived home, I did not have any activities to do, after cleaning myself and praying I immediately took a break to enjoy a beautiful evening in the yard of the house with my family. This togetherness only lasted a few hours, when the sun began to sink we immediately went into the house to stop all our daily activities and routines.

Nanggroe Aceh Darussalam, 23/2/2021.