Activities - Wednesday, 14/4/2021, carrying out duties in the holy month of Ramadhan.



Activities - Wednesday, 4/14/2021, carrying out state duties in the holy month of Ramadhan.

Most Indonesians embrace Islam and the various activities and routines of the community continue in this blessed month. Likewise with myself, even though I fast, I continue to go about my daily activities and routine as usual.

Wednesday 14/4/2021, a sunny morning greeted the start of my activities and my routine today, starting by getting up early, getting clean and putting on clothes and getting ready for work is the start of my activities at home .


Later I went to the office to serve in a government agency involved in firefighting and rescue, I arrived at the office what I did was sign an official presence or an absent presence, then I wore official clothes to continue my duties and responsibilities as a firefighter. And save.


What I do in the office is standby, alert and alert on duty. Talking, evaluating work, and exchanging views, as well as providing suggestions to our elders, classmates, and teens are things we always do in the ministry. Not long after, the phone rang, our alert was preparing to receive an assignment, one of my friends picked up the phone and accepted an assignment to provide clean water.



With alacrity, fast and persistent, my friends and I immediately accepted the assignment, under the scorching sun, we immediately launched a fleet to provide drinking water to the residents in need. This time we provide clean water in our tanks to the residents who have no water for their livestock, as water is very difficult in this area, it is our responsibility to provide the best service to the people of Bireuen.



Arriving at our exact destination in one of the villages in the Juli Bireuen subdistrict, my friends and I quickly provided the best service for the people who daily seek sustenance by raising animals. The water we supply is provided for the survival of the livestock belonging to the community, soon the task is done and we go straight back to the office.



In a few minutes we arrived at the office, upon arrival at the office we were immediately instructed to fill the empty water tank, this to cope with a water fire accident. After filling the water into the tank of the fire engine, our next task is to wash the fleet so that it is clean and not dirty. After this activity we immediately took a break.

What we do between breaks is fulfill our obligation to pray dzuhur in the congregation in the office, after the prayer we immediately take a lunch break in the office as we lie down for a moment.



During a short break with friends, the phone rang again. One of my friends answered the incoming phone and received the news from the community that a fire had occurred in Meunasah Alue Village, Peudada District, Bireuen Regency, Aceh Province, Indonesia, the incident occurred around 14.30 WIB. With promptness, speed and tenacity, we immediately moved to the accident site which is quite far away. Three units of our firefighting fleet lined up on site to put out the fire, our journey to the site took about fifteen minutes.







The congested and congested road conditions made it difficult for us to complete the journey, but in the end we were able to arrive quickly and safely at the crash site. With full high risk, responsibility, quick, fast and hard, my friends and I are immediately served to put out the fire at the scene. We can put out the fire that burned the ceiling of one of the residents' home. Alhamdulillah, the burned resident's home was saved. The resident's home adjacent to the burned-out house was also in a safe condition and was not affected by the disaster. After conditions were under control, the local population no longer panicked as we managed to put out the fire.




Indeed, when we put out the fire there were a lot of joys and sorrows that we went through, the most important thing was that we were able to give our best for the people of Bireuen and we were able to save the victims who were hit. from the fire, even though the task we performed posed a high risk to us personally. Even when we were on duty, our lives were at stake to save the community, many of our fellow firefighters in Indonesia who had suffered accidents on duty, were injured and died.





Once the task is completed, we immediately return to the Bireuen fire department headquarters to fulfill our redundant obligation, when we arrive at the headquarters what we do is fill the empty fleet tank, after the water has run out. I in the fleet tank with full, we immediately took the time to fulfill the obligation of Asr prayer in the congregation at the office. After praying, we took the time to rest for a moment.




Before breaking the fast, what we do is remain alert or attentive to the venue to carry out the tasks assigned by the state in a responsible and professional manner. However, my friend and I headed straight downtown to find food and drink menus to break the fast, with motorbikes we quickly moved to buy iftar food and drinks.




When it came time to break the fast, my friends and I immediately enjoyed the simple iftar menu, we enjoyed various foods, drinks and cakes on the table together, but for the maghrib prayers we did not come together, this is because we have to do the shifts in turn to fulfill these obligations. The tasks we do are not easy, but all we can do and solve together with friends, the most important thing is that solidarity must be maintained, mutual understanding, sharing and helping each other are things that have alleviated the task so far.




When the evening prayers and tarawih arrived, I went straight to the nearest mosque to fulfill this obligation. Some friends are waiting at the venue, because for the tarawih prayer, we do it in turn or, in turn, when it's on duty. After the tarawih prayer, I immediately returned to the headquarters to perform state duties in order to provide the best service to the community.





Friends, all you need to know is The dangers faced by firefighters at work are enormous and fraught with high risks. They also often take various risks, including loss of life.


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