Carrying out State Duties and Other Activities During Ramadan.

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Carrying out State Duties and Other Activities During Ramadan.

Saleum Aneuk Nanggroe.
Life is a gift that we should be grateful for and enjoy, joy and sorrow in facing this life, it continues to fill the days that we go through until we die.


Friday, 23/04/2021, the life journey that I went through on that day was very tiring, the various activities and routines that day made the body helpless, but all of this had to be passed with enthusiasm even when fasting.


Starting from activities and routines in the morning, what I do from home is go to the office to work. As a firefighter, being on time to enter the service is an obligation that must be instilled in the soul. When I arrived at the office, the first thing I did was take attendance, then I was on standby or standby with several colleagues who were also currently in the field.


Before long, we received orders to supply clean water to Bireuen General Hospital. With swift and tough we headed straight to the location, not long after, under the hot sun we did this noble task with gusto.




The water supply to this place is because the water stock has run low, several wells in this place have a water deficit, there is no rain and a lot of use is one of the water shortages here. For that we have to supply clean water so that it can be used by patients and their caring families, nurses, doctors and other workers.




We usually supply water to this place when the dry season arrives, not only here, some government agencies also often supply clean water when the dry season arrives, or when the rain does not fall to wet the earth. We did this task for several hours until all the water storage tanks were full and sufficient, after that, several friends and I immediately returned to the base.




Arriving at the headquarters, what we did next was refilling the water into the fire fleet so that it was not empty, accompanied by washing the fleet so that it always looked clean. After that task, I immediately cleaned myself, changed clothes and went to the mosque to perform the Friday prayers in congregation.




After Friday prayers, I immediately returned to the headquarters to continue my responsibilities as a firefighter. The sunny afternoon made me and my friends just sit back and chat, but remained alert and standby at the headquarters, some friends took the time to rest.




When I greeted him in the afternoon, what I did with some friends after the Asr prayer was to find food and drinks to break the fast at the market, we stopped by several places where food and drink sellers broke their fast. Traffic jams make the journey a little longer, the congestion of vehicles on the roads makes several roads in the city of Bireuen jammed for a long time.




Finally we found food and drink to break the fast, after that we went straight back to the headquarters to carry out the next activity. Arriving at the headquarters we prepared various needs for breaking the fast, then we waited for the time to break the fast with a little conversation that caused jokes and laughter to cheer up the heart.

When it was time to break the fast, my friends and I immediately enjoyed the iftar menu as it was, our togetherness now has often existed. In fact, we have been like brothers and sisters all this time, carrying out risky tasks together and leaving our family at home.



After enjoying the iftar menu, we immediately performed the maghrib prayer. After maghrib prayer, I went back to enjoying a few pieces of cake with my friends and then I said goodbye back home because the assignment schedule for today had been completed. When I got home, I immediately went to the mosque to perform the evening prayers and tarawih in congregation.



Next, what I do after the tarawih prayer is to enjoy a cup of coffee at one of the coffee shops in the city of Bireuen. Together with my friends enjoying the dark black coffee without sugar, some friends and I discussed about some crypto prices that have experienced price increases and decreases. My presence here is not long, I immediately returned home to take a period of rest.





Do good to others if you want to live in peace, this phrase always sounded in my ears when I was a child. A sentence that I still remember, remember and carry out, that sentence my grandmother used to say to me.


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