Doing Activities with Colleagues.

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Sunday, April 18, 2021 was a very busy day in my daily activities, sunny weather started my activities at that time. Starting from getting up early, cleaning myself and doing my activities to go to the garden to see some plant developments there.

The plant that I cultivate right now is watermelon, which currently has a very high selling price, I cultivate this fruit in the garden to support my daily economy. I do a lot of things in the garden, mowing the grass, spraying the plants, and tending to the finish. I was in the garden until noon, when it was time for the midday prayer to arrive, I immediately returned home.

What I do at home is to clean myself again, take ablution water, change clothes and perform dzuhur prayers. After that I immediately went to the office to work as a firefighter in Bireuen District, Aceh Province, Indonesia.


Arriving at the fire department headquarters, the first thing I did was absent as a sign of attendance for the service that day. Then I changed my clothes and immediately got on standby, aka picket to serve the community. With some friends we had an important discussion about our performance so far, some changes we had to make during the holy month of Ramadan. These serious conversations occasionally produce joking laughter which can cheer up all the colleagues.

When the time for Asr prayer arrived, my friends and I immediately fulfilled this obligation by praying in congregation at the office. After the prayers, we were on guard again to continue the duties assigned by the state to serve and protect the people. When the time to break the fast will arrive, two friends and I bought food and drink menus to break the fast, while other colleagues were guarding the fire brigade.

After returning to buy food and drinks iftar, my friends and I prepared everything we needed to break the fast together. The seconds of breaking the fast finally arrived, my colleagues and I enjoyed the makeshift food and drink menu. We enjoy the various menus that have been presented on the table together with full of blessings, many menus were served at that time, foods such as rice, noodles, cakes, porridge and drinks accompany our breaking of the fast together.

Then we performed the maghrib prayer in congregation, after praying we immediately enjoyed the next meal with full togetherness. After enjoying a simple meal, my friends and I immediately performed the evening prayer in congregation at the headquarters, some of the friends performed the evening prayer in the mosque as well as the tarawih prayer. On this occasion, I was unable to perform the best prayer at the mosque, this was because I was on picket or on standby at the headquarters. For tarawih prayer, we perform the prayer alternately when the official day arrives.

When the clock showed half past eleven in the evening, I asked permission to leave the service for a moment. The permit this time is only allowed for thirty minutes, I use the exit permit to enjoy a cup of coffee at AG Coffee Shop Bireuen which is only 300 meters from the headquarters. Espresso coffee drinks accompany my night at that time, solitude makes me calmer.

This life must be enjoyed, just like we enjoy a cup of coffee, there is indeed a bitter side in this dark black drink, but it has a very fragrant aroma, as well as with the life we ​​go through everyday.

The wind blew hard, the drizzle accompanied the evening atmosphere which began to be quiet, lonely and lonely. A cup of unsweetened espresso coffee to accompany this lonely night tonight, a serving of Acehnese noodles is able to make the stomach feel delicious.


Tonight without friends, I enjoyed the drinks and food in solitude, the chill of the night breeze penetrated my soul, the sound of music made the cafe atmosphere return to bring a sense of my longing for someone. Tonight I'm enjoying the menu at AG Coffee Shop, a place that is currently the choice of young people in Bireuen city to knit their classic stories.

The unsweetened espresso coffee drink formulated by Barista is really very delicious, Acehnese noodles or Acehnese noodles served by local chefs are very delicious to enjoy, typical of spicy Acehnese noodles can be felt on the tongue.

AG Coffee is located at Kp. Baru, Juang City District, Bireuen Regency, Aceh Province, Indonesia. This place where young people present various types of food and drinks which are very delicious, reliable workers who are experts in their fields are here. The workers ranging from Barista, Chef or Chef and Waiters are very professional in working in their respective fields, they are very experts in the field that is one of their responsibilities.

AG Coffee provides various types of halal drinks such as various types of coffee, tea, milk, syrup, other drinks. Besides that, this very beautiful place with its interior and exterior design serves various food menus such as rice, noodles, porridge, cakes and other foods. This place is usually visited by young people from various regions, sometimes also by families who want to relax while enjoying the various menus on offer.

AG Coffee Shop currently has very complete public facilities, facilities such as a very large parking area, Wifi Internet, places of worship, bathrooms, children's playgrounds and other supporting facilities. On normal days it is open from ten in the morning to one in the morning, however during the holy month of Ramadan, it is open from four in the evening and closes at eight in the evening. However, it will reopen at ten in the evening and close until dawn.

Combining a classic modern design makes the room of this place very beautiful and enchanting, it is not uncommon for those who visit here to always take a selfie with a smartphone shot. If Saturday night comes this place is always crowded with people from various regions, this place is also busy as a meeting place for business people.


After enjoying a cup of coffee, I immediately returned to the headquarters to fulfill my obligations to the state, when I arrived at the headquarters all I did was take a break from the various activities that night. Together with our friends we had small talk while lying down, the conversation became a very relaxing joke, some friends rested by sleeping.

When we were chatting, the phone suddenly rang, one of my friends picked up a phone call from the community. It turned out that one of the community members reported that there had been a fire in Lhok Awe Bireuen Village, so swiftly, quickly and resiliently we immediately accepted the assignment. One unit of the fire fighting fleet we deployed to the scene of the fire, arrived at the location where a unit of electric poles caught fire due to a short circuit.

At the time of the incident, we only guarded the residential areas so that things that were undesirable from the incident did not occur, then we contacted the PLN, which handles the state electricity problem. Those who could solve the problem, not long after that the PLN arrived at the location and succeeded in overcoming the problem that had made the surrounding community panic. After being resolved, the condition was immediately safe under control, we and the PLN party immediately returned to our respective headquarters.

Arriving at the base, we immediately took a break while waiting for the meal to arrive.