Activity Saturday, 30/1/2021. Exercising and Helping the Wife at Home.

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Activity Saturday, 30/1/2021. Exercising and Helping the Wife at Home.

Keep spirit.
Because of you, I redefined my word to not be selfish, you became an excuse to keep going, and we became something to fight for.

The words of inspiration above are one of the inspirational words that I always remember in my life, they are able to make my life with my family more meaningful.


On this occasion, I would like to share a few important experiences in the life that I have been through, so many experiences that I had while doing activities on Saturday, 30/1/2021. Allow me to briefly describe the activities I went through with my family that day.




A sunny Saturday morning got me out of bed and kept rushing to do my first activity of the day, after cleaning myself and wearing sports clothes the main thing I do is do sports activities. The bright morning made me do a leisurely jogging for only 30 minutes. With my children and my wife, the route I took was to pass the rural road where I lived and rest for a while in the village park, it was quite tiring that morning because the hot sun continued to illuminate the earth, sweat kept pouring down all over my body.





After doing sports activities, the next activity I do is to clean myself again and wear clothes and I continue to enjoy breakfast with my family. The white rice menu with fried fish was our breakfast meal at that time, a glass of hot tea and a glass of water accompanying breakfast until it's finished. After breakfast, the activity I do is reading the newspaper to find out various information that is happening around the world, for 45 minutes I read the newspaper while relaxing for a moment on the front porch of the house.





The next activity I did was helping my wife at home, what I did was cleaning the house, cleaning the yard and caring for and rearranging the wife's favorite flowers that were in the yard of the house. Of course, it is difficult work for me to care for and rearrange the flowers, this is because I have never done it, especially I do not know what the names of the flowers are on the home page.



At first, doing this activity made me very frustrated, but thanks to my wife's guidance, I was able to complete the task until it was finished, it was very difficult to take care of those beautiful flowers, not like we imagined. After helping my wife at home, I took the time to rest for a moment, a cup of coffee was available on the resting table.



There are no activities that I do next, gathering together at home is very beautiful, being able to play and joke with the children is something that is very happy. When the afternoon greeted, I invited my family to have lunch at one of the restaurants in our city, the children were so happy and very happy when they found out about this.




After lunch we immediately returned home to rest for a moment, when the afternoon greeted him with the red mega and the sun was at the west end, what I did was invite the children to walk around the city and play in the city park. A few hours there, we immediately returned home to carry out our next activity.





The activity that I do at night is having dinner together at home with my family, then I take a short break while watching television, there are no other activities that I do that night until finally I go to the room to sleep.