Enjoying Holidays with Family (Thediarygame, Thursday, March 11, 2021).

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Enjoying Holidays with Family (Thediarygame, Thursday, March 11, 2021).

In this post I will share a few short stories about the life journey that I went through with my family, hopefully I can inspire all of you.

Thursday, March 11, 2021 is a national holiday in Indonesia, on this holiday I spend time with my beloved family, I use Thursday that is full of happiness to go on vacation with my family.

Starting my life journey by waking up, I went straight to the bathroom to clean myself, then I put on clothes and performed the Fajr prayer in congregation at the mosque where I lived. After praying, the activity I do is exercise in the morning.


Arriving home from the mosque, I immediately changed my sports clothes, T-shirt, trening pants and sport shoes and my favorite bicycle to accompany my sports trip on that sunny morning. That morning some friends and I did cycling, the sport took a relaxing track and was full of calm.


Initially we gathered in the park, after some friends arrived and gathered we immediately rowed our bikes with enthusiasm, the route we took was passing several rural residential areas and the city center. We did the trip for about two hours, several times we took a break.



The hot sun made stamina drained quickly, thirst, fatigue and sweat faithfully accompanied this trip. Slowly but surely, we are in good health and can safely finish the sport until it's finished, rowing a bicycle is easy, but if we are not in good shape then we will experience problems while rowing. It takes stamina to do this sport, you have to be careful while traveling and keep safety first.



After exercising, I immediately returned home to carry out the next activity, when I got home I went straight to the bathroom to clean myself and put on clothes. After that I took a short break while watching television and waiting for the family to finish their activities, we will take a trip to the plantation to enjoy a national holiday.


After they finished with activities at home, my family and I finally moved to the plantation to enjoy a vacation there, food supplies and other necessities had been prepared to be used later there. We left by private car, the trip from where I live to the garden took about forty-five minutes to travel.


We went through the trip with great joy, the children looked so cheerful and happy when they were in the car, their long stories and planned activities in the garden would always be interesting discussions for them. When arriving at the farm the children kept running to the cottage to relax, a gentle breeze, fresh air, sunny weather and various kinds of vegetables greeted us. When I arrived at the garden, I was immediately greeted by Mr. Parto and Mrs. Wiwik, they are the caretakers of our garden, so far they are the ones who plant and care for and harvest the crops on the plantation.




The garden that I have has been guarded by them for a long time, they have managed my plantation since my late mother and father were around, even when I was little, I was always on their lap. My family and they are so close, we even think of them as our own family. Small chats took place there, in the humble hut, we shared stories, shared experiences and shared stories. Even the stories of my past as a child were born in these conversations, my childhood acquaintances, the cuteness, and my childhood attitudes made the children who heard the stories laugh.



Furthermore, we enjoyed eating together above the cottage, the various food menus that we had prepared beforehand, we immediately enjoyed together. This simple food makes a sense of kinship and love for each other very thick, we enjoy eating together with great gratitude.



After enjoying a meal together, we then toured the plantation area which was overgrown with various types of vegetables, plants such as spinach, chilies, tomatoes and lime grow beautifully along with their fruit. However, on this occasion we were only able to harvest a few penitential fruits and chilies, the fruit grew not simultaneously as usual, the extreme weather made the crops slightly different this time.



The vast plantation is able to spoil the eyes, beautiful scenery is presented there, the children cheerfully harvest the tomatoes that grow in bloom, while the wife and Mrs. Wiwik are busy harvesting chilies, Mr. Parto and I casually surround the plantation area. Our togetherness in the plantation area n just for a moment, when the afternoon greeted him, we went straight back to the house. My family and I said goodbye with Mr. Parto and Mrs. Wiwik, a smile they gave to us as a sign of their affection, our existence, even for a moment, was able to heal their nostalgia for us.



Before leaving for home, they gave us the harvest of tomatoes and chilies to take home, our journey continued along the winding road. While traveling, we stopped briefly at a gas station to perform the Asr prayer. After praying we continued on our way back home. Arriving at the family house, I immediately took a break and cleaned up, while I immediately continued my next activity.




The activity that I do is go directly to the market to buy Nasi Sate Kambing, a typical Indonesian culinary food that is my favorite food, I bought this food at one of the traders in the village I live in. I will enjoy Goat Satay Rice when dinner arrives, since my wife doesn't have time to cook today, so goat rice will be our dinner menu. After buying the food, I immediately returned home, when I got home I immediately cleaned myself and performed the Maghrib prayer with my family, after praying the activities I did take a short break while waiting for the Isha prayer to arrive.



After performing the Isha prayer, my family and I immediately enjoyed dinner together, the goat satay rice was served on the dining table, with the tired and tired faces of the children and their wife enjoying this dinner with full of blessings. The activity we did after dinner was resting, we didn't have anything to do, tired, tired, lethargic and limp were felt in our bodies, so we finally went to the room to rest.



That's a short story of the life I went through when the national holiday arrived, how about friends with your short life story ...?