Enjoy Aceh Noodles and the Beauty of the Peak of Mount Salak with Family.

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Enjoy Aceh Noodles and the Beauty of the Peak of Mount Salak with Family.

Best wishes.
For weekend holidays, I spend time with my beloved family, bright mornings accompanied by white clouds and morning sunshine start this period in order to create happiness for the family.


From where I live to the summit of Mount Salak it takes approximately one hour, by using my car I make the trip casually. The tiring journey was treated with a very beautiful natural scenery, the surrounding mountain peaks that stood tall gave a beautiful view, the cool air gave real freshness, the shady trees that stood neatly spoiled the eyes with their charm.



After arriving at the tourist area of ​​Mount Salak Peak, we chose a place to rest and enjoy the beautiful scenery there. In one of the cafes we rested while unwinding, the natural air around was very cold like snow, the expanse of mountain views accompanied by thousands of trees gave a very meaningful impression to us as a family.



Our weekend atmosphere here is really very pleasant, the location is far from the hustle and bustle of community activities, several food and beverage menus that we ordered through the waiter accompany this weekend holiday. Today, one of the favorite places of the Acehnese people is very busy being visited by tourists, tourists who come from various regions, every week this place is always crowded with people from various regions.


As we all know that the summit of Mount Salak is located on the Border of North Aceh Regency and Bener Meriah Regency, Aceh Province, Indonesia. This place is one of the best tourist destinations in Aceh, the natural panorama that is still natural makes this place one of the places most visited by the people of Aceh.



Along the road to the summit of Mount Salak, we can find several business places that offer various types of food and beverage menus, there are dozens of cafes in these attractions with beautiful natural views. The facilities provided by the management of the cafe or restaurant there are very complete, there are several lodging facilities, places of worship, bathrooms and a very large parking area as well as other supporting public facilities.


Cool temperatures and fresh air and beautiful scenery make the reason for Acehnese people from various regions to visit this place. Occasionally road users or visitors will be spoiled by the beautiful thick fog that covers the mountainous area, in this place we will also be spoiled with a stunning beautiful sunset.