Thediarygame, Tuesday, 19/01/2021. Work and Take Kids to Swim.

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Thediarygame, Tuesday, 19/01/2021. Work and Take Kids to Swim.

How are you friends today ..? Hopefully you will always be given health and long life so that we can still share short stories about the life we ​​go through everyday. On this occasion, allow me to share the story that I went through on Tuesday, 19/01/2021.

Tuesday morning was still very cool, the morning air that enveloped the earth was very fresh to enjoy. After waking up in the morning, on this occasion I did not exercise as usual, what I did was immediately clean myself by showering and brushing my teeth and wearing clothes. After these activities I immediately prepared breakfast for the family.




The breakfast menu that I serve is chicken fried rice which I cook myself and hot tea, after cooking I then wake up my husband and children from the bed so they can immediately clean themselves. I serve breakfast menu on the table for us to eat together. After breakfast, we immediately continued our respective activities, my husband and I immediately went to work, while the children went to school.

Arriving at the office where I work, I immediately give a sign of attendance or absence from work today, the next step is I immediately enter the work room to start these activities. Work after work that has been assigned to me one by one I finish, the seconds of the clock that continues to roll forward finally arrive at the break time.


When the break comes, there are not many things I do other than eat lunch and chat with my co-workers, the small talk is over when the break time is over. I continue the next work with full enthusiasm and thoroughness, a computer unit faithfully accompanies my busy life until the time is over. After working, I immediately returned home to rest for a moment, the next activity I did was carry out daily activities as a housewife at home.









In the afternoon, my family and I carried out activities outside the home, together with our husband and children we visited one of the swimming pool attractions in the city. In that place the children are taught to swim by their husbands, with great joy they are very happy on the water rides. Swimming is one of my husband's favorite sports apart from football, we enjoyed several hours of swimming until it was over. My family and I immediately returned home to carry out further activities.

When night fell, I didn't do much with my family, that night I prepared dinner for the family with a different menu. Tonight's menu is the result of children's requests, namely lontong noodles and white rice, besides having dinner together, the next activity I do is to educate the children to study, watch television and finally our family resting on the bed at night.



In my daily activities, of course I don't forget to pray five times a day, when it is prayer time, I stop all my activities for a moment.

That is a brief story of my daily life. More and less I apologize.


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