Activities on Thursday, 28/1/2021.

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Activities on Thursday, 28/1/2021.

Peace regards.
On this occasion I would like to share a little story about the life journey that I went through on Thursday, 28/1/2021 where I went through various activities with enthusiasm. Various life experiences I encounter in everyday life.

Sunny morning begins a brief story of my life, after waking up the activity I do is exercise. Unlike usual, after waking up in the morning I immediately prepared myself for my activities, the sport I did this morning was jogging with my family.





The sport takes a path around the village where I live, for several hours we enjoy jogging which occasionally has to walk casually. Sweat soaked my body, a little drained of energy kept me enthusiastic through these sports in order to achieve a healthy body. Living healthy and regularly is the beginning of everything in this life, with a healthy life, the soul will be calm, activities will run smoothly.



After doing sports, my family and I immediately returned home to rest for a while. After resting, the next activity I did was to clean myself and immediately enjoy the breakfast that had been prepared by my beloved wife, the breakfast menu that was served on the dining table was Pansit Noodles that we bought at one of the restaurants. Together with our children and wife, we enjoy the menu together with great gratitude.

After breakfast, my next activity was to attend the wedding of one of my brothers at the Religious Affairs Office, with our family going by car to our destination. Arriving there, the marriage contract was held with great emotion, tears flowed as a sign of happiness from the couple's two families, congratulations from the families arriving. Hopefully my brother can build a harmonious and happy family, after the marriage contract is over we immediately return home to continue our next activities.


When the sun was getting brighter and noon approached the earth, my family and I enjoyed lunch together that had been prepared by my beloved wife, after lunch was over then we immediately took the time to rest for a moment.



When the sun is in the far west and the afternoon greets the world, I immediately rush to clean myself by bathing and wearing clothes. The next activity I did that afternoon was going to work, today I work from evening until night falls. Using a car as a means of transportation, I headed to work.

When I arrived at work, I immediately washed my face, washed my hands and continued my activities as a Barista. I work as a barista with enthusiasm, I prepare various types of drinks ordered by the waiter one by one. Providing satisfying service to consumers is one of our obligations, of course, I prepare drinks such as coffee, tea, juice, milk and other fresh drinks with love and enthusiasm.





I went through activities as a barista until evening and my place of work was closed from all activities, when the coffee shop was closed, I and other workers immediately cleaned the room and other necessary equipment before leaving for home. Right at midnight our activities were finished, all workers returned to their homes.




Feeling tired and full of enthusiasm, I walked towards the house, when I got home I immediately cleaned myself and immediately rested.

Whatever we do with a full sense of responsibility, will definitely result in success. Success does not come by itself without effort and hard work, it is the key to success that will lead us to happiness.