My Activity On Wednesday, 13/1/2021. Working, Helping the Wife and Swimming Exercises.

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My Activity On Wednesday, 13/1/2021. Working, Helping the Wife and Swimming Exercises.


Keep spirit.
On this occasion, I will share a little story about the activities I did today, Wednesday, 13/1/2021. The activities I go through are the same as usual days.


After waking up in the morning, I immediately cleaned myself to take a shower and have breakfast, with my small family at home, my wife and children enjoyed a very simple breakfast accompanied by my other family. Breakfast on this day is very meaningful, with very simple food we can gather for a moment to share stories and exchange opinions about the life we ​​have been through so far, not to forget we are grateful for the gifts and sustenance that God Almighty has given to our family so far.



Breakfast is very different as usual, the difference can be seen in the food menu that I will enjoy. The breakfast menu for this morning is white rice and grilled chicken. Before starting to enjoy breakfast, I first help my wife to cook in the kitchen. Cooking food turned out to be a complicated thing for me, something that is not used to overwhelm myself through it.




After enjoying breakfast, I headed straight to the work location, as usual, my work as a Barista is certainly very tiring, but I am still enthusiastic and provide the best service for visitors. I went through this activity until noon arrived. On this occasion I worked half a day because my next activity was wanting to swim with friends on the beach.

Before returning home to carry out the next activity, I first clean myself and fulfill my obligation to pray dzuhur then have lunch, then go straight back home. When I was at home, I continued my activities by cooking green bean porridge, assisted by my beloved wife, finally ready an hour later.




After cooking green beans, I immediately took a short break while enjoying a cup of coffee that is ready to enjoy. Taking a break for one hour, then I get ready to go to exercise with my friends, the sport we did today was swimming at one of the beaches in my area.

Then from home, I met friends in one of the places we had agreed together. The distance from where we gathered to the beach took 30 minutes using land transportation, until finally we arrived at the place we were going to.




Cool air, gentle breeze, green and calm water accompany our swimming sport today, swimming in water is certainly very fun, this sport is very simple but good for health. We passed swimming sport for approximately two hours. When dawn is at the end of the west and nighttime will arrive, we finally stop swimming sports to return to our homes.


After returning home, I immediately cleaned myself and prayed evening prayer in congregation with my family at home, after that we immediately enjoyed dinner that was served on the dining table. After dinner, my family and I chatted for a while while waiting for the evening prayer time to arrive, then I immediately went to my room to rest so that the next day I would stay in good shape in my activities. Wait a short story of my next life.

Keep spirit.