Swimming, Teaching Children to Swim in Water Games.

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Swimming, Teaching Children to Swim in Water Games.

The sun greeted the morning with a beautiful, clear weather with a blue sky accompanying the beginning of my life's journey with my family on Thursday, 25/2/2021. There are no activities and routines that keep me busy, that day is a day that I dedicate to my family all day long.


Departing from the house around ten in the morning, joy radiated on the faces of the children and nieces and other families. Together with my wife who I really love and care about, we take the time to bring the family to the water rides in our city.


Departing from home to the destination takes about thirty minutes to travel, on the way from the village to the city we stopped briefly at one of the restaurants in the city. The restaurant specializes in selling Acehnese noodles which are very famous, Mie Aceh is indeed a culinary food that has an extraordinary taste, the noodles that are cooked using these spices are processed in such a way as to produce extraordinary delicious flavors. Aceh noodles are usually served using meat, chicken, fish and eggs. The noodles are served with an extraordinary spicy taste that is hunted by regional, national and foreign tourists.


After enjoying Aceh noodles, we continued our journey to the water games in the city. The next trip we took from the restaurant to our destination took a journey of approximately fifteen minutes.

Joy was shown on the children's faces when the group arrived at the intended location, just arrived at the vehicle parking lot, the children immediately got out of the car and ran to the entrance, I immediately approached the manager to pay the entrance ticket according to the tariff. has been determined.


Arriving inside, we took a resting place to take a short break while enjoying snacks and fresh drinks available at the local restaurant. After this activity we tried some of the water games there. Some of the water games there make the kids happy, swimming in the pool is a fun game for them.



Swimming in these games makes children more confident about running their lives, their fatigue and stress in facing subjects at school disappear instantly. Happy faces accompanied by smiles radiated throughout our journey in that place, children's jokes against others began to be intertwined, their childish ignorance began to be born with one another.



We as parents only accompany and watch them play, sometimes we also try to swim to unwind, even the children are taught to swim by their beloved brothers. Together we were there until late in the afternoon, and we immediately returned home to carry out the next activity.



On the way home we stopped for a moment to buy toast which we plan to enjoy at home together, when we got home, we had nothing to do but rest because of fatigue.