Togetherness with Family on the Beach.

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Togetherness with Family on the Beach.

Good morning.
It feels good to have a normal life outside of the myriad of unusual family rules and habits and depressing activities. No matter how busy the family is, it is the main thing in everyday life, family is part of life that can provide high motivation for success.

On this occasion, allow me to share a few brief stories about the life journey that I went through on Friday, 12/02/2020. Bright morning started my activities that day, the rising sun was able to arouse me to stay excited about the days filled with all activities.


After the dawn prayer, I immediately started my first activity by exercising, the sport I did was take a leisurely walk around the city center, I did sports that could make me sweat for about an hour. The air is still clean, sunny weather and beautiful morning accompany me in exercising. Sports walking leisurely is a very simple sport, apart from being prone to injury, this sport is very good for heart health.


After exercising, I returned home and took a short break, a cup of hot tea that had been prepared by my beloved wife to accompany my resting period in a beautiful morning. After resting, I immediately cleaned myself and put on clothes, then the next thing I did was enjoy breakfast with my family. After breakfast, my family and I continued our next activity.


The activity of taking the children to their school is an early morning routine, then taking the wife to their office. After this activity, I just left for work to carry out activities and routines as usual, a barista always serves and mixes various types of drinks ordered by consumers through the waiter. I went through activities as a Barista until Friday prayer time would arrive.



When Friday prayers arrived, we stopped all activities at work, my friends and I immediately took the time to close the business where we worked, our activities stopped completely and we cleaned up to go to the mosque to fulfill our Friday prayer obligations. After Friday prayers we returned to work, reopening the business premises to work as usual. I went through activities as a Barista until work was over, it was time for me to return home to continue my next activity.




Arriving at the residence, I took a moment to rest for a moment, the family who had been waiting for me was getting ready to go to the beach. After cleaning myself, I immediately took my family to the beach, which is only thirty minutes away from our residence, as a family we went to the beach using land transportation in the form of a car.




Arriving at the beach, we were greeted by beautiful natural scenery, the melodious sound of the waves can erase fatigue, the gentle breeze can cool the mood, the red mega sun in the sky can give a beautiful impression at that time. The beach, which has beautiful views, also provides a comfortable place to relax and rest with your family, several public facilities are available at Kuala Raja Beach, Kuala District, Bireuen Regency, Aceh-Indonesia Province.





Facilities such as parking areas, playgrounds for children, restaurants, bathrooms and toilets, places of worship, fishing grounds and other facilities are available on the beach which produces a beautiful sunset when the sun is at the west end. My togetherness with my family on this beach is only a few hours, the children enjoy several water rides here, they also enjoy the blue sea water by swimming and so on. When a beautiful sunset wants to greet the beach, we immediately return home to do other activities.





When I got home, I immediately cleaned myself up and performed the evening prayer, after praying with our family we enjoyed dinner together. After dinner time, I immediately went to the family room to enjoy a cup of hot coffee while reading the newspaper. After this activity I immediately went to bed to rest completely.






That's a short story about my life's journey that day, sorry if there are errors in writing this article. Best wishes for all of us.


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