Review | Back Attacks: Enter The System by John Danaher

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I've purchased plenty of instructional vids over the years. They are definitely a great way to supplement your training. Despite all of the content I've purchased and watched, and how much it has helped me improve my game, I've never actually reviewed a bjj instructional video. I've never made a video, never wrote a post on the site reviews, never left a review on social media.

Today that changes, and for good reason. This is 100% the biggest game changer I've ever purchased, and here is why.

When you take a person's back, the idea is to render them unconscious with a choke, or transition into other submissions. If you are in a street fight, there are many variables that can prevent that from happening. But typically, because the person you are fighting is un-trained, you will eventually get to the choke. Now, there are variables that come into play that can make this difficult, even against an untrained person: size, strength, athleticism, toughness, drugs or alcohol, etc.

So, if it can be difficult to get to the choke and finish with an un-trained person, what do you think it's like when you are facing a trained person, specially someone that you may train with on a regular basis that knows much of your game? It can be the worst thing ever.

The great thing about this vid, is that not only will it help you get to the next level against trained opponents, it will also make it that much easier against un-trained opponents in a self-defense situation. I would say this is geared more towards the sport jiu jitsu crowd, but the concepts cross-over well to self-defense.

Screen Shot 20200421 at 2.03.10 PM.png

There are many things you will gain from this video. There are details on position, leg placement and configuration, hand fighting, arm trapping, finishing the choke, and other submissions from the back.

There are also some mind-blowing revelations that go against everything you were taught at most jiu jitsu academies. You'll know it when you hear it, no spoilers here. But, not only does he blow away these myths, he gives a fresh perspective on the how and why. That's all I can say, you'll have to make the purchase if you really want in on the secrets. But, i will say this, it immediately changed the way I view attacking from the back, and what some of the "rules" were that I used to follow. Abandoning these original concepts and rules by using the new perspective immediately made an impact on how I set up and finish from the back.

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This instructional is 8.5 hours of content created by one of the best jiu jitsu instructors in the world. Do NOT miss out on this opportunity to learn details from the best that will help you finish the fight with a choke every time!

I give this instructional:

5/5 Stars

Available for purchase at:

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