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RE: My today's chess problem for you to finish (Deutsch*English) Mein heutiges Schachproblem für dich zum Vollenden

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My chess defensive don’t always produce a win BUT:

The white king does not have great defensive position. I would use my pawns to block the bishop and attempt to get an open line to the white king with my rooks.

(of course in my tournament play I can never see the queen/bishop checkmate coming and I have no defense for it 😀)

the chess engine apparently disagree with my play below but this would be an accurate example of my current chess play.



Oh, I see!

  1. d4
    instead of
  2. dxc4
    for moving into the line of fire.

Well, the problem was, I was blind to the bishop. Just as you tell in brackets. And I have not even seen it in this daily without any hassle. But you know what, this patzer has great potential to improve on us!! (I just found "patzer" in a dictionary. 😂)

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