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The highland FC mode of play wasn't something we all expected. Apart from the fact that they were sluggish on the field through out the first half. They also showed no passion for the ball. One things was strange though, despite there playful and nonchalant attitude on the field, we couldn't enter there Box-18. It was a serious joke.

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The second half started and we got the message with a shocker, players have been substituted for the more adult experienced players who has no place for joke in there careers. There plan starts to unravel bit by bit but it was too late for us to catch up, we've been wearied out.

The first goal came into our net in no time, followed by another and another. To say we were shocked was an understatement. The whole thing looks like magic, a tactics we've never seen before. As if the whole drama wasn't enough, just ten minutes before the end of the match, the high tension goal scorers from there sides were substituted for the jokers again, and the football comedy season two began. While there Box-18 became so hard to penetrate like North-Korea till the game ended.


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I am glad I missed it!

Missed what ?

The game! lol

Well that sounds odd.