Can This Be True ? : A Sports Freewrite.

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Ramses love for slender waist women was undeniable, he profess it like a religious faith. Brag about his libido to his mate, an alpha male gigolo who tries as much as possible to convince his mates to go in his path and not giving a damn about there marriages.

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He also postulated that having numerous sex as a player makes you very flexible on the field,able to manuever you way through opponent on the field, his speed wasn't that fast and can't be termed as slow too. We didn't follow his path though, we find it to be absurd linking sex to sports stamina. Or how would it have been collecting the plague for the best player of the year award and on mounting the podium you start to give a speech to thanking the numerous mistress you had who gave you sex..... I think that's the most ridiculous thing ever.

Nevertheless, Ramses secured some award for his achievement in the club, even to being nominated as the best player of the month several time. We jokingly laughed at each award he takes, reminding him of the number of women whose private part has been sacrificed for the trophy.

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