Eat The Trouble : A Sports Freewrite.

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Eating celery
Never scared
Governing body melting
On a game so deadly
For a team keenly miry
The governing body can't stand it
The internet was about to break
His misdemeanours were getting much
Of a star we all love
Sanctions came heavy
Penalty and fine
Still, he waxed on dirty
Breaking rules and lines.
Arrested for Parking lot
He wouldn't pay the ticket
Fight, arrogant as hell
The warning wasn't helping
On the field, he's the best
Bringing in goals like no other
Top scorer, man of the match
Awards came, more lovers
Higher ill-behaviour, lower temper.
Drunk as a viking
No home training
Field manner so sickening
Our best player still standing
Fans are not getting it
This is a billion dollar personality
We all have to eat his shortcoming
Or loose the trophy.