Happy New Year To All My Sportstalk Friends

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I am wishing all my sportstalk friends a Happy New and prosperous years ahead.

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Sports has really come a long way, very long way, from being bought in high price last year to dipping to an all time low of $0.00002 and staying there for months, thanks to mind shifting guys like @uyobong and @cryptoandcofee who came to the scene and rescue the token from being labelled an eternal shitcoin.

Now, looking at Sportstalk at $0.003, sports still remains one of the most formidable and the most promising tribes on Hive-engine and rank top 10 on Hive blockchain. With grandmaster Leo glittering lights shining down to pave way for all other tribes token.

We still have a very long way to go, we can't keep on banking on the curation reward and authors reward been shunned out enmass tithe Hive-engine. We have to look for use cases. Use cases brings token to stability, stability of token price and platfrom brings more and more people.

I'll also have to thank so many people for there constant support on my blog

@yousaf-sports @zahidsun

Thanks you and thanks a lot.


Thank you for sharing information and your experiences. Happy New Year!

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Let's keep grinding and making Sports great again