Rain Of Goals : A Short Freewrite

in Freewriters5 months ago

The ways the players filed out, I knew there was victory, sure victory, for us.


From the captain, the midfielders, defenders and forward. I was very sure the coach made this decision as if it was given to him by the creator.

After the whole pleasantries, the match started, in what looked like a change of fortune, goals descended on our goal post like rain, from the begining of the match, to the end. The things left was cry, but tears didn't come out, we were just angry as an hungry wolf. And no goal came.

Fan sang, the coach was jumping, demonstrating in everyway he could for them not to give up but press on to defend the goal post. But all fell on deaf ears.

The highest conceded goals per match, ever recorded to our name. From a club at the rung of the table.