Scanty Goals : A Sports Freewrite

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Goals were scarce today
The net wide
Players making stride
Trying to dribble past
Fans anticipating
Viewers panting
Who wins this trophy.
The trait was real
So was the skills
Tactical in the field
Just like never seen
Coming through with kicks
Didn't make the net.
Cool as it is
The match didn't hold
A kid club is it
Training for the league
Exercises hard, drilling hot
That's how it's done
The coach red tongue.


👍 you were able for work that in well!

Thanks a lot buddy.

This is indeed a nice poet composed and the truth iy basically reflected what actually happen. Hopefully we will have more goals from today's matches.

As far as it is now, more goals are pouring in. Amazing mind blowing goals

Well written. Quite explains what happened yesterday. After game 1, teams began to be very careful at their backline.

The Belgium v Denmark game however should have seen more goals but the forwards weren't as clinical as they should be.

I guess yesterday was also just one of those days where the goals happen to dry up

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Thanks goodness we are seeing a good resurrection of goals.