The Bad Records - A Sports Freewrite.

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The energy on the field
The trophies, captain band,club-signing
Respect for his showmanship
A legend of his time
The best man on the pitch
His presence sends chills
The opponents won't breathe
But his anger sank the team.

Talk of the ear eater
A defender with bad tricks
Pass him with a care
Dribble from afar, not near
This life isn't a game of death
So, each avoid him with fear
Our Hitler still ate an ear.
Attacking skills was so dope
Many wouldn't come too close
There legs will waste
Injury will be made
A forward player moved with caution
His ball he dribble with no action
Boom, he came from behind
Sent him to the ground.
The cuffing was bad
Manhandling, the referee went mad
Coming in was a red card
The whole field went awry
The shout for the AVR
Result came back inconclusive.
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