The Black Eye - A Sports Freewrite.

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Many haven't come to noticed that Dave actually has a problem on one of his eyes. He got the Injury while playing with his kids, a trip to the optamologisthas helped to lessen the situation, but one thing was amiss, he refused to tell his coach and mates what was going on. While the semifinal and qualifier match is around the corner.


Dave has a lot to loose if he steps off the field, he has been working hard to beat his own record of the highest goal scorer ever in the club. Some feat are about to be reached and some record made if he could score more hat trick. The demands was much more pressing than let a defected eye barricade his achievement. So, he showed up the training day and did his best, which makes the whole thing go undetected.

On the D-Day, the eye have swollen up a bit but still not noticed. The game went on for minutes while he managed to play well, the eye was deteriorating with the running stress on the field. The next shot came from behind.

"In your feed" a mate has called from behind. Dave couldn't grasp where but staggered in the midst of the whole field, first time he will be tat perplexed and confused on the field. Before he could come to term with his eyes and the field. They have scored a goal.

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nice post sir.